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PLEASE REPORT ANY BUGS in the bug section of the project
remember this is an alpha version and is not ready for real use but for testing only.

0.0.16 alpha3
hopefully the last alpha release, please report any bugs!!
+You can now delete products, sales and buys
+several improvements
+translations had been updated
+changed the name of some controls to be more conventional now (source only)
-removed more dead code and controls
*Worked around some issues when applying winxp visual styles
*Fixed some issues when adding sales and buys
*Fixed a lot of bugs

0.0.15 alpha2
second alpha release, some bugs fixed and some new (dangerous) functionalities added
+Now the user can select the database to use
+Added window for products to be deleted (with a very severe warning of course and not working yet)
+Added a french translation
*Fixed some minor bugs

0.0.14 alpha
first alpha release, ready for testing, you should uninstall previous versions before using this one, please report all bugs in the project page
*DATABASE HAS CHANGED, so you wont be able to use previous databases
+employees should show sales and buys
+now the button modify work in the products window
+added fullscreen mode
+improved interface
+updated languages
-removed more dead code
-removed some dead controls and menus
*fixed some datacombos behavior
*fixed a bunch of bugs

0.0.13 pre alpha
hopefully this will be the last pre alpha release, the next will have enough functionality to be an alpha release.
*FIXED major screw up in the installer and the source, now it should be able to find the database in the app.path!! (sorry for that)
+Now there are two databases shiping, the default and an example
+Modifying products should work now
+improved interface and added some new icons
+Added a shortcut to the project homepage and the forums
+improved the about dialog
+updated spanish language file
-removed some dead code
*fixed a lot of minor bugs

0.0.12 pre alpha
Again, a preview Release, mostly working on the interface, not added any major new functionality
+replaced the toolbar for a listbar
-removed the login screen (at leat until it is functional)
+created a new splash screen
+improved a lot of icons
+added a couple of windows (modify product, supliers, product types, etc), but dont have any functionality yet
*fixed a couple of bugs

0.0.11 pre alpha
Another Preview Release, fixed some nasty bugs from the first release but still not suitable for work, still waiting for some help :D By now the following features should work fine enough:
+adding sales, and modifying/deleting the products while selling, same with the buys
+adding products
+adding modifying customers
+adding modifying employees
*Fixed some bugs
Features still missing (working on the other stuffs yet)
-adding modifying product types
-adding modifying supliers
-printinf reports

0.0.10 pre alpha
This Release is only to see if the package is working in others computers or if something is missing, also to see if I'm going the right way with the program or if there is something missing or something screwed up, the features that should already be working are:
+adding sales (bills)
+adding products
+adding/modifying customers

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